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Approved Map: S3 Marine Corps

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Revisions to Defense have been made and is now ready for review (attached below).

Originally Posted by Daxtreme
Did you try editing the songs and musics ? My song took about 2.4Mb when I first included it in the map. I jumped on my chair, but after I found the really nice Switch Converter found here and it proves to be incredible. Now the song takes up 200 Kb maximum. That's more than 10 times less and it still sounds the same ! The song is also 2 mins 45 seconds long.

My music takes up around 700kb total. I can definitely make it smaller, but I'd rather not because it would just sound awful and destroy its purpose on the map. I'm gonna check it out and see if it would reduce the size without sacrificing quality. Thanks for the link!

Originally Posted by Anitarf
- extra weapons drops are hardly needed except for the occasional more advanced weapon. Mostly, those weapons just tend to accumulate on the ground somewhere. Maybe the weapon to ammo drop ratio should be tweaked in the favour of the later?

Another thing I should mention: The amount of ammo created from the supply drop is affected by the amount of NPC marines still alive. Marines have priority over ammo, so you'll get less of it if you don't keep those marines alive.


It took me longer than expected, but I finally finished the pre-release version of Defense. A lot of people were suggesting that I change the layout of the base, so I did just that.

As well, I found a suitable model for the dropship. This change will be reflected in all S3MC maps. Clear and sufficient credit has been given in the F9 menu.

Considering summer is here, I'll probably be doing something other than work on maps for a bit. Check it out whenever you get a chance. I'll be taking a look at this thread for updates from time to time. Have fun!
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