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Approved Map: S3 Marine Corps

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Originally Posted by Aray
Will there be some different music on these three maps of yours?.. That would be best :)

I don't think so. Besides my limited access to suitable music, I guess you can say that the Mission Start music is the theme song for S3 Marine Corps. :)

Anyways, I have an updated map attached below. A few things I should mention though...

  • If you have weapon A equipped, and weapon B has 0 ammo left in it, then switch to weapon B, you need to wait to equip weapon B THEN reload weapon B. Perhaps is the weapon is empty, when equipping it you should reload it as well.

I decided not to add this in. It's an automatic process that sacrifices the ability to quickly switch weapons, and because the situation can change very fast, this feature would probably kill you (I died quite a few times because of reloading).

  • Toward the end of the game there was so many enmy units that they all could not be moved at once, resulting in juttered movement. This made running away in the last 3 minutes extremely easy. I suggest removing the basic alien units later in the game (Remove the ones already on the map).

If I recall correctly, this happens when the host doesn't have sufficient CPU power to process every computer-controlled unit. I haven't had much problem with it, but I have already cut down the max amount of computer-controlled units on the map down to 50 at a time as of (v1.10). Bosses are excluded from this limit (you probably haven't encountered them since you played a low difficulty). I'm willing to lower it to 45, but any lower could severely compromise the challenge of the map by allowing for more time to recover and regroup in between waves. The "Lings" already tend to spawn less (if at all) in the later parts of the game, and the same thing with the "Hydras" and "Guardians". In fact, if you haven't gone past Phase 25, you haven't seen most of the monsters that appear on this map. :p

Also, I've added an FAQ section to the quests window to address the issue with blurry buttons, as well as answer a few questions that I get asked often by email. I also changed a few words in some of the existing text for extra clarity.

Have fun!
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