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Vexorian, nice to see you around I must say. It's inspiring.

Magtheridon96 and I wrote this revised script, it is a co-authorship of sorts. I suppose I could write "by Vexorian, Magtheridon96 and Bribe" but I'd really prefer if you just updated TimerUtils.

The reason it doesn't work in module initializers is because when you use hashtable a new timer isn't created because tN is equal to 0 (because you initialize in a library Init instead of a module init and TimerUtils bugs in hashtable mode when timers overflow).

If I had my wishes I would really like it if you updated your TimerUtils library. Then we can stop with this unpleasant trend of re-writing systems.

In fact, while we are on this subject it would make the most sense humanly possible if JassHelper were updated so that initializers, whether be module, struct or library, initialized before any library requiring it.

The rest are not needed features, though nice to have, but don't slow anything down except in ReleaseTimer. I made the change in ReleaseTimer so that more than QUANTITY timers could not be recycled, because there are sometimes spikes in the game where lots of timers might be needed but not all would need to be recycled.

You can view the development on this crap-tastic subject here:
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