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Question Most effienct way of referencing a unit = ?

I want my map to be as efficient as possible in the basic code (not worrying about systems here, just plain Jass). I've searched around for tips on this but am not completely sure what the pros/cons are of the following snippets of code. Would someone mind pointing out the pros/cons of each of the following in terms of efficiency? Thanks.

Method A
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set udg_MyUnitArray[94] = GetTriggerUnit()
call PauseUnit(udg_MyUnitArray[94], true)
call IssueImmediateOrder(udg_MyUnitArray[94], "stop")
call PauseUnit(udg_MyUnitArray[iDynamic], false)

Method B
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local unit uTemp = GetTriggerUnit()
set udg_MyUnitArray[94] = uTemp
call PauseUnit(uTemp, true)
call IssueImmediateOrder(uTemp, "stop")
call PauseUnit(uTemp, false)
set uTemp = null

Method C
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set udg_MyUnitArray[94] = GetTriggerUnit()
call PauseUnit(GetTriggerUnit(), true)
call IssueImmediateOrder(GetTriggerUnit(), "stop")
call PauseUnit(GetTriggerUnit(), false)
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