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Oh right, well this is approved, though I may be a bit biased seeing as how I hardly play anything else besides Elim on bnet :P

Much better than other shooters, the systems are great, and the guns are very well made. Subtle things like, bullets colliding with walls, make this stand out from the rest.

Strategy is incorporated into each map, a different game plan and gun (well sometimes) are needed for each.

The items are all charged items so they add to your ability soemwhat but a small change in gold doesnt really matter. Snowball effect is non-existant.

It's very polished, and well done and most of all fun (it's really hard to describe why it's fun but it is).

A few suggestions:

We need more items! E.g. a deflector shield that lasts for a few seconds and deflects (not absorbs) all bullets thrown at it.
Bounty must be fixed to give more gold, right now there is practically no gold reward for kills as I said in the thread.
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