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Default Skinning Contest #6

The theme for Skinning Contest #6 is Ancient Civilizations

You are required to reskin a model into a unit or building of an ancient civilization (like the Romans, Incas, Aztecs, Maya, Greek, Vikings, Egypt, etc. etc.), be it real or mythology of an ancient culture, both are allowed.

This competition will last 4 weeks with possible extension - concluding 14th September 2006. Winner(s) will be decided by public vote.

  • The choice of model is down to the artist, but must be an existing model in Warcraft 3 (ROC and/or TFT). Minor model edits are permitted for particles, and materials. No UVW edits or mesh edits are allowed.
  • You must post at least 1 WIP skin before deadline.
  • To qualify for entry, you must post your .blp, an ingame shot and a posed shot (composition of images as you see fit).
  • You must post your entry before the deadline expires.
  • You must make the texture FOR this competition. You cannot use old skins.
  • Textures must be no larger than 512 pixels in any dimension

Deadline moved to sept 21

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