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Approved Map: The Story of the Norj'Hal Elves

Default What about this?

How about a couple of archer escorts for the Princess and her Par? Pretty weird to see a Princess and the man she's betrothed (but not yet married) to going off all by themselves, and even if they were long-time King and Queen, you wouldn't expect to see them going around without at leas some protection.

Yes, two archers should do it--make the intro more rapid (I was having a bit of a problem myself when replaying it just now), and could even get you a gold bonus if you want to dismiss them the moment you get to Majh'Nam.

Also, for everyone who's been playing the map--what units do you stock up on? There are a number of combinations I've found to work well:

* 5 Archers (have Aria's Call of the Wild spell take melee damage while they waste everything)
* 3 Wolf Riders
* 3 Archers, 2 Hunters (similar to above)
* 2 Wolf Riders, 1 Hunter, 1 Priestess

Another thing, has anyone been poking around with item melding? There are some suggestions for item melds, although I should probably add some more hints. In particular, the most useful item melds are:

* (Gloves of Haste + Crown of Pel'Jaam: IN-GAME-HINT) + Jah'Tara's Amulet = Flawless Crown of Pel'Jaam (+240 mana with 30-second cooldown, +15% attack speed, +4/+4/+8 Str./Agi./Int.)
* (Gloves of Haste + Crown of Bar'Janiis: IN-GAME-HINT) + Amulet of Healing = Resplendent Crown of Bahr'Janiis (+400 hp with 8-second cooldown, +15% attack speed, +8/+4/+4 Str./Agi./Int.)
* (Gloves of Haste + Necklace of Kah'lMar: IN-GAME-HINT) + Wand of Illusion = Radiant Necklace of Kahl'Mar (60-second illusion with 30-second cooldown, +15% attack speed, +4/+8/+4 Str./Agi./Int.)

Nobody seems to have picked up on the way you can meld secondary items onto the three "Royal Jewelry" + Gloves of Haste products, but there is a hint about that too. Probably the best way to be spending your money is Mercs > Items > Item Upgrades > Tomes.

I've found that having a band of units significantly improves the pace of the game, as it's intended to, but there are a couple of "difficulty spikes" that can get your band killed off. I like "unit conservation" games, but the way the creeps and terrain on my map work, it can be easy to walk right into a very nasty fight without realizing it because lots of units are in the woods nearby. Part of this, of course, is getting some Sentinels or Wolf Riders in your party who can scout or summon Eyes of the Owl to illuminate the playing field for you. But, having to start over, having lost your ~12000g worth of units makes you wish you had just tomed. I think I can make a simple fix--notching up the difficulty when you have a hero reach at level 6 instead of level 5. That way you've got ultimates to protect your units, and both Aria and Lan'Inthas have some nice spells in this respect (GaDDeN, I hope you've played far enough to check out those ultimates...).

Finally, GaDDeN, after playing some more custom maps (I've only played a few, and this is my first), I have been impressed with the trigger-boosted spells. In the next installment, if and when it arrives, I intend to outfit Aszune as a hero of comparable power to the four main characters of Act I, but with many (or all) trigger-boosted abilities. Force Wall, of course, but I'm also thinking of some tricks that turn Night Elves / Norj'Hal Elves into more powerful Naga for a finite time as well as a Charm-like ability that plays off of Aszune's connection to the Well of Eternity.

OK, I ramble. I'll get these mods done sometiime in the next few days.
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