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Originally Posted by CaptainPicard
Forgot to ask, Tim., but how did you like the Chin'Zon dragons that you can control in the final phase of the game? As minor units go, I spent the most time getting those right. I was surprised by the effect of giving the dragons to an allied player with shared unit control--it effectively made the units auto-cast Banish and Forked Lightning! Works OK, in my estimation, and it would be hard for me to incorporate those units into Player 1's slots because of the unit supply cap I'm trying to impose (not to mention the fact that I don't want you to have lots of flying units in the sub-maps).
I saw no need to change it.

Originally Posted by CaptainPicard
Also, roughly how long did it take you to complete the whole thing? How much less productive have I made the world by unleashing this little gem?

I don't really recall, somthing like 2-3 hours.

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