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Originally Posted by Captain Griffen
I think you should have a GetUnitId function.

Originally Posted by Vexorian
You can make an AutoIndex that uses handle table
Pretty good idea, handle table would not have been possible if you are relying on the UnitUserData becomes 0 trick for removal detection, but with this, any storage method is possible.

So I'll make it as soon as you make Table initialize its gamecache in a struct init, otherwise it would fail on every unit entering the map or created from a a unitEntersMap method.

Originally Posted by Mr.Malte
I think it could make some maps really slower.
In my map for example, I've got a spell which creates 45 units per second.
Seriously, creasing 45 units per second will lag your map. If you need to do something like that, you should recycle those units. Indexing an entering unit is like 0.001% of the cost of actually creating a unit.
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