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Okay, I don't know when you got here, but then again I haven't been here much lately.

Your models need to have more polies. Instead of using 1 poly for the width of half the chest, then 1 more going to meet the back, give him some shape. As of right now he is way too boxy to be used. This goes for his arms and head as well, legs are actually shaped closer to what you have than the rest of the body. His arms look like triangles, and his head has a funky shape. Don't be afraid to pump up the polies on this guy because it looks really low. Also look at pictures of other models for proportions because he looks jank as of now. Don't mind me being straight forward.

For the unwrap you are sort of getting the idea, but not quite. First off for the face, I find it better to start from the front and then pull out the sides if you are going to do it like that because the actual face needs a lot more detail then the side of the head/helmet I can't really tell. Second, it is much easier to unwrap and skin things if you separate more. For instance the arms from the chest, bracers from the upper arm. I like to do chest, upper arm, bracer/hand, thigh, boots. Adding more polies will making unwrapping and skinning a ton easier because things are at less of right angles to each other. Again for the legs start from front because detail is usually not on the sides of the legs which is what has the most possibility for detail in the way you unwrapped it.

From the latest picture I have seen I am sorry, but I don't think this model is up to WotTH standards. Work on the stuff I told you and we shall see.

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