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Originally Posted by Fladian
I noticed. I'll add it tomorrow or so...

Do I have a life? Theoraticly, yes, I do have a life. Regardless, I had a date today therefore I kept my entire day open from other things, but at the last moment my date was canceled so I had a lot of free time all of a sudden.
Usually I'm online for awhile anyway. I never close my browser, so wc3c is always open as well. I usually see an email coming in when someone posts in a thread I'm subscribed to, so...

In the mean time I'm just writing stories, like usual.
Anyway, I'll be out for the night. Going out with some friends :P
lol i am ususually not like that i just could not help t u know? i pmed u some stuff about UL, but sorry again hope u r not offended, as for me having a life i doubt it, but... i log on and off wc3c, every two - four hours i'm awake so maybe not...
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