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fed ex, ur not the only one having trouble with importing models. i am also having trouble importing the sephoroth model, and others. the problem is that alot of models have different number of files. the tutorials don't explain which are the important ones to import in the WE.also, it would be great if someone could explain , what the files mean, and which to change to what. and if anyone has gotten the sep model to work plz say how u did it. thx in advance

ok i think you are heving trouble with model skins so ill help you out.
Models- when imported all you need to do is remove the wc3imported\ and your set
Skins- With skins it can vary depending on the situation.... a custom skin (witch i htink the seph one is) you save as this following way

(name of 2nd folder within the 1st extracted folder\(name of next one (if 2)\name of next one (if 3)\(name of skin).blp

Example- lkets i download the model called "Karsaburo" and its all custom skins ok i save the model to "karsaburo.mdx" then i look to he skiins... i open my extract folder and see anothe folder called "units", then in units i see "karsaburo" so i open that then i see 2 skins "spear" and "head" so i save head to
and spear to

This method works for me andd i hope it helps you :8
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