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Right, the second integer parameter for TriggerRegisterKeyEvent and TriggerRegisterMouseEvent is not key, it's etype, that was a typo (fixed now).
Possible etype values for TriggerRegisterKeyEvent:
Collapse JASS:
constant integer EVENT_KEYUP = 0
constant integer EVENT_KEYDOWN = 1
constant integer EVENT_KEYTYPE = 2
And for TriggerRegisterMouseEvent:
Collapse JASS:
constant integer EVENT_LMOUSEUP = 0
constant integer EVENT_LMOUSEDOWN = 1
constant integer EVENT_RMOUSEUP = 2
constant integer EVENT_RMOUSEDOWN = 3
constant integer EVENT_MMOUSEUP = 4
constant integer EVENT_MMOUSEDOWN = 5
constant integer EVENT_MOUSEWHEEL = 6

Attached the new common.j with these constants defined, but you can just type the numbers directly if you want.
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