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Originally Posted by waaaks
why is this program better than widgetizer + vex optimizer? or is it?
It's better than the widgetizer in the sense it can do the process much faster, it is actually better than blizzard's object data loader, cause if blizzard's loader used the same method we wouldn't need widgetizing/this... I guess if you had like 100 objects in your map running this tool before testmap would actually save you time, but if you don't need that the widgetizer is probably fine for your needs. Regarding the optimizer, it equals it in some ways, but its script optimization almost does nothing, will remove whitespace. When it says 'will make your map faster' it just means will make it load faster. It also has this cryptic MDX-opt option, which probably does something.

u9shasure: You need documentation, you also need to improve the English text. I recommend you not to include ANY data, will make the download much smaller, even if you included the English data, what would happen with those using Frech wc3? It is better to just merge Wc3SLKOpt.exe and GetData.exe so that the data part was just specifying war3's path...

But you really need documentation instead of just marketing lines. For example what does "opt MDX-files" do? Does it place all triangles together? Does it do what that MDX compressor tool I don't remember does to improve compression? How about "MPQ Encrypt" ? That's another thing I hace no idea what it would do. In fact I don't think anyone would be able to use this tool in its current state without prior knowledge of the widgetizer.

Oh, and you really need to investigate about the 4 level stuff.
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