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Default Ultimate Map SLK Optimizer-10 seconds,Make your map Smaller and Faster

Last Version: 1.87


This is a warcraft III map optimize tool.

It can make your wc3 map faster and smaller in only 10 seconds !

In Chinese mainland, Chinese Taiwan, HongKong, nearly all of the most popular wc3 maps use this program to optimize, so do some Korean maps, in fact. so it's very reliable.

It's from the most popular warcraft III forum ( in asia. the program url below :

Zoom (requires log in)


(1) convert your map to SLK table and TXT files formation, accelerate map loading.
(2) support convert map, which's abilities or upgrades over 4 level (will be reserved in war3map.w3a).
(3) can maximum compress your map file.
(4) can clean no-used data.
(5) can optimize war3map.j file and war3map.wts file.
(6) can compress MDX and BLP files.
(7) support any language Map!
(8) support drag and drop.
(9) DONOT forget, all that only needs 10 seconds!


(1)Serach Used Object:
this can helps you reserve Objects which used but nerver modified in your map.

(2)Reserve objects:
it actually named "Reserve Random Objects". If used random function to create objects, but those objects nerver modified.

(3)Re-build & Compress:
this will rebuild your map with high-compression. this can auto select a best block size. but, you need a whole (listfile).

(4)Encrypt Hash Table:
this will encrypt hash table of your map. Encrypted map couldn't opened by some mpq program, such as WinMPQ, MPQMaster.

(5)Remove Editor-only files & Reserve (listfile):
this will delete editor-only files. such as:

NOTICE: If you want to use another optimizer such as wc3mapoptimizer to optimize your map, please select "Reserve (listfile)".

(6)Optimize war3map.wts:
this will convert the Triger Strings as much as possible.

(7)Optimize war3map.j:
this will remove no-used spaces and comments.

(8)Compress MDX files:
this will compress mdx files.
It removes decimal part of the coordinate, can get a better compression ratio.

(9)Zip BLP
this will remove unnecessary mipmap pics and unnecessary BLP header info.
mip1: Remove low-quality texture mipmap pics
mip2: Reserve low-quality texture mipmap pics (Recommended)
mip16:Do not remove mipmap pics

(10)Drag and Drop
you can drag and drop W3M,W3X,MDX,BLP file(s) to this program to optimize(W3M,W3X) or compress(MDX,BLP).


Sorry, I have no English edition Warcraft III,
so For the first time, Please use "Extract Local Warcraft III Data Files" to Extract English edition Warcraft III's Data files.

Two ways to use vex's and Wc3SLKOpt both:
1.Use vex's first, but Disable "Remove Editor-only Files" , and then use Wc3SLKOpt.
2.Use Wc3SLKOpt first, but Disable "Remove Editor-only Files" , and then use vex's.

NOTICE: If it crashes on Vista, Disable "Multi-Core CPU" ! will be fine.

* Fixed a bug which cause Wc3SLKOpt crash when more than 1024bytes per line in war3map.j
* Intergrated DataGet.exe and main program together.
* No longer optimize some special abilities, such as Command aura etc.

* Fixed a bug which cause blp compression does not work.
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