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High Elven ships have unicorn insignias on them

Premise: Unicorns must be important to a High Elven house, or houses, important enough to own several Destroyers

Conclusion: Unicorns must exist in some fasion or degree in Warcraft

No Unicorns appear in World of Warcraft, aside from Zherva

Premise 1: Unicorns must exist somewhere on Azeroth where we haven't been
Premise 2: Unicorns exist in Quel'Thalas
Premise 3: Unicorns were going to be the Archmage's mount, therefore they must have some magical potential
Premise 4: The Blood Elves are a bunch of magic addicts, and as such have seen what magic can do to other creatures

Conclusion: Corrupted unicorns are the Blood Elven mount

Very sloppy and more guesswork then fact, but better Unicorns than cats
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