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Fundamentally flawed.


Kidding :P

I played this map full house, good stuff.

  • Complex (and not complicated :P) gameplay which involves partial teamplay and taking the right decisions.
  • Every faction has its pros and cons.
  • Custom spells (Probably all are triggered).
  • Fast-paced and easy to understand.
  • Fairly balanced.

  • Many tooltips contain errors. Missing letters, wrong spelling/grammar, etc.
  • Too many messages when game begins. We got a leaver just because of those :P Said it was "too damn confusing".
  • The portal for Barbarians sometimes not teleports units. Like a bugged waygate :P Units Cluster around and don't get teleported.
  • I didn't notice items. Are there items in this map? If yes, I'm sorry but I saw none :P

Overall, nice map. One can really enjoy it. The fact that you never walk around in pure boredom is nice. Ogres are a bit overpowered though ;)
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