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Default AMAI can benefit from DotA AI Authors for Hero AI

In this site:

Download a copy of DotA 6.51 AI+ 1.52.

Play against 2-4 AI, and make you type -ne at the start (Normal Experience AI Mode)

Things you'll notice:

- They deny you from making the last kills on their units! So you get delayed gold & experience.

- They deny you from making the last kills on their towers. They effectively prevent you from getting a LOT of gold from killing those towers.

- Heroes gank you with all the powerful spells if they found out you're wandering alone in the trees.

- Heroes buy the best items and item recipes, and this is more complicated than Warcraft III no-recipe item system!

- If you are Melee Hero, they know they should get the Blade Mail item (kinda like the Crypt Lord Spikes Passive).

- Amazing sense of danger. They know if they shouldn't attack a tower alone so they run back. They also know if a hero should teleport back to protect crucial buildings.

- Excellent personal healing AI. They get behind the tower when they have less than 1/2 HP, and use the right items like Tangos or Potions to recover.

I provided the download links so that you can look into the AI scripts. 1.52+ is the strongest AI so far for DOTA. I cannot beat the AI especially when he denies me from getting the kills, which is interesting!

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