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When you ordered your ship up into the black, he would move towards the black, but once he moved down to the other side of the map he would continue following his order to the same black location, meaning he would go in weird directions.

Sometimes bouys would spawn in unreachable areas (surrounded by rocks).

When you ordered your ship off the map and then a rock appeared as close as it could be to the edge on the other side you don't have enough time to react with the lag.


The map seems a bit too big. Sometimes I would sail for 30 seconds or more without any action at all.

Shouldn't there be a ship icon in the minimap for the heroes?

There should be some way to hit guys directly in front of you.

Like I mentioned before the 'circle wars' bother me (endlessly going in a circle while remaining out of range) I think there should be a sharper way to turn, but that's just me.

I never figured out exactly what ramming is (it's not explained on the loading screen)

Typing is too difficult with all the action going on, and respawning is only a 5 second respite. Maybe respawning should be longer so that people can say stuff?

Respawning should probably use the blue summon bar (I know I mentioned that before) or it would be cool if you used the Experiance bar and the amount of experiance you had was corresponding to the amount of time left.

I was starting to think towards the end that running into rocks shouldn't be an insta-kill but more like just HP damage. Usually when you run into rocks its because of lag so it's kind of annoying to penalize for that.

I can't think of anything else to say; pretty good map overall. The slight lag that still remains is all that stops me from becoming an addict :/
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