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if you use dynamic multiboards items will have to be regarded 'in context'. you will need to know when the multiboard is changed - which rows/columns added/removed - and the 'positions' of each item.
(i dunno, multiboards might not always be handled by a 'single operator'/'in context' - could be done, say, per 'module' or 'section'.)
if you 'bunch them up' (like according to structs/'names'/objects), you dont need this 'in context'-ness and you can just mind whatever row/column/struct/name/object you're manipulating.

1 row corresponds to data for 1 unit. units monitored in multiboard dynamically; rows are dynamic.
set this unit's data (in field X) to 'value'. but which row, now? i can know only if i did all the row/column adding/removing, other manipulations, etc.
(maybe multiboards are handled this way as by a 'single operator'/in'in context', maybe not. i dunno.)
but if the multiboard is manipulated 'modularly', you cant do this. you need to refer to the 'row' as 'row of this unit'/object.

...but then this is all unimportant if, in the first place, multiboards ought not to be manipulated 'modularly' (i dunno).
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