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Approved Map: Call to Arms

Default (12) Call to Arms [Pre-1.24]

Here's the latest release version of the Call to Arms footwar map, which was once known as Pantokrator Footman Wars. I wrote and created the map from scratch with four new races with four new heros each.

Footman Wars is a game where you compete as a team against other teams' heroes, while your standard units are generated for you as time passes. Destroy your enemies' town halls to win.

  • Made from scratch
  • Four new races with four new heros each.
  • Rally points work for spawned units
  • Dialog box race and range selection before the game begins
  • Computer players give control of their units to their allies
  • Players that leave the game give control of their units to their allies
  • Custom upgrades (including rate of spawn) and items
  • Free gift system promotes the use of some items to spice up gameplay
  • Both ranged and melee units balanced and in the same map
  • No lag when heros are summoned
  • Cohesive and complete "feel" for all races
A couple important things to know about this game:
  • Rally points work for spawned units. I haven't encountered this for any other Footman Wars map to date, and I think it's a really invaluable skill for micromanaging your developing armies. Just as you can get skilled at automating your base in melee Warcraft 3, so can you control your base structure, remote armies, your hero, and your deployment in this map. Being capable of doing that is a decided advantage for skilled players.
  • Computer players and players that leave during the game are not lost. They give control of their units to remaining allies. While this requires more micromanagement for the remaining players, it also gives you unified control of more units, which can be an advantage. Furthermore, you can get a full house a little easier by fleshing out a couple teams with a computer player. You can make a 2v2v2v2 game much more interesting by adding a computer to each team. The "difficulty" level of the computers does not change their behavior in-game. Note: If a player is controlling a computer army or the army of a left-player, the only structure that the enemies need to destroy is that of the remaining player.

See the Map Forum for additional details including all hero information and a complete list of the triggers!
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