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Approved Map: Pitzer's Minesweeper


Hello, first of all a few smaller corrections:
In the text you say the camera is applied every 0.05 seconds, but the code says it's every 0.02.
And you should explain how to obtain the name of your hero variable (gg_unit_Hpal...) and camera variable (gg_cam_..). Namely by making a GUI trigger and then converting it to custom text.

I like the way you described and explained everything.
The only problem is WHAT you are explaining, namely a very poorly made camera system. It's very edgy and as soon as you press a button the new settings are applied abruptly. Then a 0.02 timeout for the periodic timer is really not necessary (if the rest of the system is well done). And having to press the keys repeatedly instead of just keeping them pressed is a real annoyance.

I've edited your sample map and attached it, so you can see how it can be improved. With just a few smaller changes I made it very smooth, more efficient (0.1 periodic interval vs. 0.02), made it so it rotates/zooms as long as you keep the arrow keys pressed.

NOTE: What I've made there is still far from perfect, but it's of acceptable quality.

Also you should add a check for max/min zoom, so you can't zoom closer to the unit than, say 200 or so,

If you're going to update your tutorial there shouldn't be a problem with approval, since as already mentioned, I like the way how your explaining everything.

EDIT: Maybe also add a screenshot to make it come to life a bit.
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