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Captain Drenn Stoneaxe

Well, if he's a tank, I presume he needs defensive spells... How about:

Granite Form - Toggelable
Adds damage resistance (10/15/20/25), spell damage resistance (15%/20%/25%/30%), chance to stun melee attackers (due to toughness of his granite skin) and reduces movement speed. Toggelable, but has a cooldown after you deactivate it. Uses the "stone" transformation animation.

Hammer Swing - Active
Swings his hammer in an arc in front of himself, damaging, stunning and pushing back all enemy units. Low-med damage, stun, relatively low cooldown and mana cost, so it's spammable. Animation should be some frontal swing with fiery effect on his hammer and maybe dust or dirt effect on pushed units.

Jorin Brordi

Gear Aura - Aura
Brordi likes when everything around him is tuned up. Increases move and attack speed of nearby units, lowers cooldowns on Brordi's other spells and ally spellcasters cast spells more rationally (receive a percentage of mana cost back when spell is cast). I saw a nice Gear Aura effect, just can't remember where... It's like a cogwheel. Would be suiting... Spellcasters have the same effect as of a mana fountain regeneration when they receive mana back.


Hollyness Aura - Aura
Gives nearby allied units increased hit point regeneration and whenever the priest casts a spell nearby units are healed and gain a temporary defense bonus.

Holly Fire - AOE target
Targets an area and smites it with fire from the sky. You can add all sorts of secondary effects (DOT, slowing, missing, armor decrease), can be instant, channeling... Should have something like fire and holly effects in the area.

Blessed Armor - Passive
Priests are equipped with only the best armor that is blessed in their monasteries. As priests strength grows he is able to incorporate more and more holly power to his armor. Gives armor bonus, has a chance to heal all nearby allied units when the priest is attacked and increases mana regeneration.

Mort Blackblade

Fighting Master - Passive
Blackblade has spent his whole life studding and improving different fighting stiles and has a large amount of special moves in his repertoire. Gets a percentage chance to do a special move when attacking. There should be several of these moves, like: damage and slow enemies in the area, damage and stun all enemies in front of him (like impale but without bouncing them of the ground), do a % more damage to a single unit and stun it, bounce back a single unit, hit different body parts (legs = slow, weapon/arms = lower damage, head = stun or silence) etc. All moves should come with it's own effect (ground crack, blood, different effects on the sword...).

Terrifying Shout - Active, AOE buff/debuff
Shouts a hearth stopping roar. All nearby allied units gain more damage but also receive more damage, and enemies have lower armor. There are a lot of "shout" effects on the net at your disposal.

Obsidian Guard

Soul Armor - Passive
Obsidian Guard's armor is powered by dark magics. It gives defense bonuses to it's wearer and induces fear in his enemies. For every unit killed Obsidian Guard gains armor bonuses and an armor decreasing aura that effects enemies. Has a starting value, increases with each unit killed until a maximum is reached. Splits effects in half (for example) if Obsidian Guard is killed.
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