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Originally Posted by Candy_Warlock
Since they won't play against Wc3, I'm rehashin a few Wc3 Ladder/ D2 / Dota skills. I got like 10mins for this so here goes.

King's Will - (active target) Target unit gains 10/15/20% attack and movement speed. Can target on self. Low mana cost and cooldown to be used in combination with King's Blessing on a unit.

Dual Smite - (active) The next attack will do double the damage and stun for 1 second and slow for 10/15/20% for 3sec. Fast cooldown low mana cost for spamming.

King's Blessing - (active target) Target unit is buffed but if it moves too far from the king it loses the buff (range is slightly smaller than aura). Lasts 20 seconds. Cannot be cast on heroes nor on self. Unit gains +10/15/20 damage, +1/2/3 armor. 10/20/25% damage dealt by King heals this unit and vice versa. Moderate mana cost and cooldown.

King's Presence - (aura, ultimate) Friendly units gain 20% attack speed and +2 armor while enemy units lose 10% attack speed and get -2 armor. No idea if that's a weak ultimate.

Basically this hero would need to hang around a few units (like an entourage) to really shine. Using Blessing and Will on a strong unit in conjunction with the aura will make for a capable duo supporting each other.

Okay so for duel smite, the attack 2 animation will be perfect.

King's will and blessing can just use one generic spell cast animation with a nice glow around a hammer.

The other is just an aura.

Okay, I shall make it so, thanks Candy!
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