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Default WotTH FAQ

Q:What is WotTH?

A:WotTH stands for War of the Three Hammers. It is making the epic dwarven civil war into three different campaigns, one for each of the three dwarven clans. A new combat system, tons of custom art and many exciting missions will be included.

Q:When will it be released?

A:We have no clue really. A lot of models and skins have been done, but many will be redone because I have improved a lot. Also we have completed terraining many maps, but most of the maps still need triggers.

Q:Will there be a demo?

A:Yes, there will be a demo. It will feature many of the new things included in the campaign and will be a fun little rpg that is only remotly related to the WotTH campaign. It is mainly to show some of the things that will be in the campaign such as the combat system. I'll make a thread about the demo in the near future.

Q:How is WotTH different from other wc3 projects?

A:Well its hard to say really, its both similar and different. We will have tons of custom stuff, our campaigns will be a combonation of both rpg and and rts elements. Our combat system will be different from other projects.

Q:What is your combat system exactly?

A:Our combat system is a skill system that allows your units/heroes to gain experience as they fight. i.e. as your hero gets hit he gains defense. Also we will replace mana with spirit which your heroes/units use when they attack and use spells. Spirit will regenerate rather quickly and is kind of like stamina in other games(Morrowind, Oblivion, blah:P).

Q:Will there be custom stuff?

A:Ofcourse there will be custom stuff! Each dwarf will have a new model(no ingame unit models will be used I believe), there will be custom unit models, skins, icons, doodads, loading screens, UI(s), tiles, just about everything you can think of.

Q:Will there be alpha/beta tests?

A:Yes, there eventually will be alpha/beta tests. Most likely they will come out when we either get a campaign done or to test the combat system once it is finished. The first few however will not be open to the public:\

Q:Will the resources for the project be released for the public?

A:Yes, after the project is released all resources will be released. Also along the way I may release a few things along the way;)

Q:Are there only dwarves in this project?

A:Yes, this project only has dwarves in it:P Although there are some groups of creeps and stuff, but mainly dwarves.

Q:Will there be custom music?

A:That I dont really know. We might include custom music, but the campaign will already be huge(in filesize) so we may not. Anyone who wants to make us some music can go ahead and we will probably use it.

Q:How many maps per campaign will there be, and what will the order of campaigns be?

A:There will be 4 playable maps for each campaign, I believe the Wildhammer and Darkiron campaigns each have an interlude. The order of campaigns will be Bronzebeard, Wildhammer and lastly Darkiron.

Q:Will there be custom sound sets?

A:There might be, it will be a lot of extra work to write and create sound sets for every unit. Maybe just for heroes there will be.

Q:Will there be any other WotTH maps?

A:After we finish the campaign we may make some melee dwarf races.

If people want other stuff answered post it in the FAQ Suggestions thread.

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