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no, the rotation of the root bone(the parent of all the bones) is wrong after after u change its controler type or after u add keyframes. I guess I can attach the max file.

The before file is the biped anim before baking

The after file is the animation after baking and after adding keyframes at the begining and the ending of each animation, this because warcraft requires opening and ending keyframes for each bone that is animated, without adding this keyframes results in a error message(from arttools) and the result anims doesnt look good.
So Ive added keyframes to all the bones at 100,140,200,235,etc u can see the frames at the dopesheet at objects in notetracks

I think u should add a feature to Iktools that lets u specify how many anims the model has and the start and end of each one of those, so the program will add those start and ending keys automatically
Thankz for helping
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