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Approved Map: S3 Marine Corps

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Wow. First of all, it's been a year since I made this map, and this is the first time I got "actual feedback", so thanks for that. Second of all, a lot of the suggestions you made I considered a long time ago and seemed sufficient (most seemed to grasp everything easily enough), but since you brought it up, I might as well "patch" things up a bit. Third, there are some suggestions I can't comply with:
  • Special event messages like the contents of an e-mail, or what a specific item is for should be sent to all players, not only the player who got/used the item. This is very important because otherwise half the people are left in the dark most of the game.
  • Medikits or other means of healing seemed either very, very rare - or non existent. At least for small parties the number of healing/mana regen items should be increased.

I mentioned that the maps required teamwork and cooperation. Part of that involves players communicating with the team. Sure, there are players that don't tell the team anything and probably trot along until they die. That brings down the team, it's annoying, and that was intentional. :)

As for medikits, it's not as rare as you think. The trick here is simply to take as little damage as possible, and therefore use as few medikits as possible. The trick to that is use your weapons to their full potential. Each weapon class has a specific role, and should be used accordingly. If an enemy is close, melee attack them instead of shooting them to conserve ammo. This is intentional as well. :)

Overall, your suggestions within reason. It should take me between 2 weeks to a month to complete.

One more thing I need to ask since I'm gonna be working on this. The one thing that really bothered me was the fact that most people couldn't figure out how to reload. I already have a message at the start that appears a few seconds after the game starts, a message that appears if they "dry fire" a few times, info in the Quests (F9) area, and in the tooltips of each weapon. In Defense, I even have a message that appears when they mention the word "reload" in upper or lower case, and even then, a lot of people can't figure it out. How did you and your team learn how to reload, and what would you suggest to solve this problem?
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