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Missing You All at Wc3c
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Approved Map: PiratesSpell making session 3 winner


The following is a list of issues that apply to all three maps in this series:

  • Chests of gold for weapons, ammo, and even e-mail printouts? I personally would prefer more appropriate models for such things. Crates could be ammo, for example. This would allow, without selecting the item, easy distinction between items. It would also improve the awareness of special items like the beacon pieces and e-mail printouts.
  • Your icons have some attempt at a gradient feel to them. However it seems this is a failed attempt, as the icons on the right all appear to be disabled (You know, ‘Not enough mana’ kind of thing). This is a serious problem, especially when you just start playing the map. I highly suggest you make all the icons the same brightness.
  • Your icons are very monotonous and blurry. Not only is it hard to distinguish between different ammos, but also between guns and other items. I would say color the icons. Red are special items, Green are weapons, Yellow are ammo, for example. This would increase the response time of the player, and draw from the monotonous feel of the custom UI icons.
  • I assume the maps are optimized/protected via Vexorian’s Map Optimizer? I don’t see mention of Vex in the credits. Same thing for whoever made the icons (That is, if you didn’t make them yourself).
  • At the start of the map you ask Player 1 Red for the difficulty setting they would like. I would think GetHost() would be a better choice than Player 1 Red. This would allow the host to choose their color while still being in control of the difficulty settings.
  • Why do you have 2 forces that are allied in-game? It would make more sense to just ally all 12 teams in-game, and have every slot locked to a team. It is always annoying to find a map where the second force is called “Teams don’t matter lol!1!!” if you get my meaning.
  • Special event messages like the contents of an e-mail, or what a specific item is for should be sent to all players, not only the player who got/used the item. This is very important because otherwise half the people are left in the dark most of the game.
  • The general gameplay style is complicated enough, winding paths, unclear missions, and all items having the cliché Warcraft chest model does not help. These maps need a serious dose of simplification. A complex map like this is just fine for people who have played it 6 or 7 times with the same guys, but for even a group of friends (We had 7+ Wc3c guys) who have never played it before, it was a serious issue. We had no clue what was going on, all we did was walk around and shoot.
  • You should update the quest menu with the content of e-mail, the amount of pieces collected, and any discovered missions. It’s annoying when you have 3 missions going on, and you cant remember exactly what you were suppose to do for the second mission.

This is a list of specific issues to S3 Marine Corps Survival:


  • The terrain was enormous for 7 players, it was very difficult to cover all that ground in search of an item that looks just like ammo. I would suggest you decrease the playable map area based on the number of players.
  • It would help to know when someone is carrying a beacon piece, for instance a start above the units head for each piece in their inventory. This way we know who has a piece and who does not easily.
  • Medikits or other means of healing seemed either very, very rare - or non existent. At least for small parties the number of healing/mana regen items should be increased.

Overall the map has potential, and is in general well made. The issues mentioned above are crucial however, and should be taken seriously. Until I see most of the problems resolved, I cannot approve this map.


This is a list of specific issues to S3 Marine Corps Infiltration:


  • The terrain was complicated, and it was easy to get lost. (Thank god War3 plots the shortest route for you!) The main problem was that it simply did not look like an abandoned facility. There was no use of doodads aside from cliché gates. The terrain could seriously use improvements.
  • The mission was far too complex for someone to understand on their first run with a bunch of other new guys. We knew we were looking for generators, but once we found one, we couldn’t open the gate to it. We found some random e-mail sitting in some random section of terrain (Which makes no sence by the way) telling us about some link we had to make that happened to make no sence as well. By the time we decided to turn around and go back there were giant turtles surrounding the random bit of terrain and we died. Gg no rev, anyone?
  • I ran out of ammo right away, and had no means of getting more. This was bad enough with 7 guys, let alone with 12. More ammo/weaponry is needed.
  • Medikits or other means of healing seemed either very, very rare - or non existent. At least for small parties the number of healing/mana regen items should be increased.

The map is simply too complicated to be enjoyable. It’s one thing to try and make players solve puzzles, it’s another to send them all over the place on random errands looking for printouts in the middle of an open field.


This is a list of specific issues to S3 Marine Corps Defense:


  • It really did not look like a crash site, just a site with a bunch of treasure chests. Perhaps a terrain deformation, some smoke, pieces of broken metal, etc. Try to make it actually look like a crash site.
  • The mission about the laser thing and the obelisks was confusing. You had to wait for the fighters to show up, then set up the laser? Normally wouldn’t you want to set up the laser beacons before the bombers arrive? This confused me in-game, and cost me my life.
  • This kind of map with so many NPC’s really needs a good, advanced AI. They should pick up their own weapons, medipacks, etc. Also, when you get to the crash site, it might be helpful if the ‘survivors’ filled their inventories with the damaged cargo items and walked with you on the first trip.
  • More flares, or other means of increasing the sight of the terrain is necessary. It’s very hard to find the crash site, let alone both obelisks.
  • Might I suggest vehicles? This would certainly help in the ground-coverage issues.

Again, like the other two, this map needs polish. It's a nice idea but could be better made. Also I would suggest you revamp the terrain of the main base, it looks nothing like a base or outpost. Doodads would help here.


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