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looks like its gonna be close this time

Originally posted by yoda_24
hmm... quality of the screenshots isnt that good... you can see how they are all.. um whats the word here... not smooth?

They are pretty decent they are not blurry. You want top quality jpegs at 2 mbs each? Besides it doesnt change it very a lot where it would make you vote for other skins.

Originally posted by Jacinthe
Hehe, thanks Mock. Out of fairness I won't vote for myself. Wish you could've taken a 3/4ths profile shot, too, instead of just front and back! Or perhaps one directly from the side. If you can't do that this time, then maybe just something to keep in mind for the future. =)

Some nice skins. ^^ Good job.

ah its too late now. Maybe next time but... What would the next contest be? Best of 04 is a year away. I doubt i will be in wc3 still lol.
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