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Originally Posted by Bribe
Nice to see the this cinematic system finally converted into vJass.
CineCam is the only library that I would call a mere conversion. Transition, while still functioning similarly to the old particle subsystem, is so much more general, functional and modular that it really is more of a replacement for, rather than an evolution of, its predecessor. CineScript goes even further, accomplishing things that weren't remotely possible with the old system - see for yourself, try pressing escape while the sample cinematic is playing. ;)

Don't get this the wrong way, I know you didn't mean to say that this was "just a port", I just wanted to point out anyway that considerable improvements have been made beyond the obvious "it's in vJass now", since the first post doesn't mention that beyond the initial description.

The local real array in the CineCam library could be turned into something more efficient, like a global array or a series of individual, properly named variables, due to the huge overhead of local arrays.
Well, it has to be an array since I can't use individual variables in a loop. If there is such a big difference between local and global arrays, I could make it global. In the cases where I can replace it with locals, I wonder if declaring those local variables wouldn't be more of an overhead than using an already declared array, especially if I switch to a global one. Were any benchmarks ever done to indicate how many uses of an array justifies a local declaration?

I hope that this sees some good public usage.
Is there anyone left making cinematics at all? Even I don't know if I'll be using this for anything beyond the sample cinematic I made for it. Well, I did use CineScript when making my action map and it was incredibly useful there, so I want to point out again that these libraries needn't always be used in tandem, there's plenty of situations where they can be applied individually.
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