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Default Please save my chicken wing

I use Gmax with YAGG to grab output from the listener, NeoDex script..
I use Notepad++ to edit my .mdl file.
I use MdlxConv to convert my .mdl file to .mdx.
I use Warcraft3Viewer.
This is a static chicken model based on this.

I will be attaching my .mdl file and my .mdx file.
This is my .gmax file.

In Gmax, the model is perfectly fine. I don't know if I made any mistakes, but I doubt so. Polygon count is 684.

In Warcraft 3 and the World Editor, this happens:

The wing on the right of the chicken is crooked and weird'd.

Here's a little story:
I started UV unwrapping on the right wing. I mirrored it as an instance, forming the left wing.
The right wing was crooked, the left wing proper.
So I deleted the right wing, and mirrored the left wing, trying both times as an instance as well as a copy.
The right wing remains crooked while the left wing still looks proper.

I don't want to re-model the right wing, although it will be an easy job...
Could someone point me in the right direction or tell me why this is happening?

Thanks! <:
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