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hello, I need a model of a character for my map, well, I think it would look like satyr but quite different anyway, so here's the picture of the crerature that looks like it but I want some changes if someone can...

add goat head, his fur should be blac, it should be quite satanic (my map won't be warcraft 3 style, it will be more like diablo 1-2 style, even more EVIL, I'm not even using wc3 models)...

so here's the picture how he sohuld look like but it should have head of a goat, not human, I need a creature with human modie, goat legs and goat head... fur should be black and it shouldn't fit in wc3 style models, I want it to be quite realistic and dark (like in diablo 1-2) and quite good quality if possible

oh and one more thing, creature should be holding one two handed axe... shortly, it should be as much satanic and scary as possible, not comic/wc3 style

I need this model very much, it should be one of main characters so I can't finish without him

and some little info about map if you want to know more (I'll tell shortly, without story ) :)

the map isn't using any warcraft skins or models, it'll have better graphics (I have some demonic and darc models so I'm sure it will have better graphics that wc 3 ) it will more look like diablo I think... the game will be online game and will ble up to 7-8 MBs.. if you have more questions about map just ask

thanks for attention
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