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unfortunately, orc terrains are very hard to do because most of the grounds is just barren >_> seeing how they live in the barrens. You need to do the fallowing, (A) make units perferably gaurds, low detail too so it blends with your ground. (B) make a custom tile set that looks alittle higher detail but not btter than your model and works better with the WoW tileset, (B) Smooth the edges on the custom cliffs.

i do like how u made the buildings tho, you did over use that wall but i understand when it comes to terrain and u cant find what u want. :) i also env the size of this and your effort witch most people cant see for a novice, master terrainers can do this in 2 hours but this musta took u a while and hard work. I hope you have learned from this.

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