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In short words I'm looking kind of ultimate guide to NewGen or at least a introduction to it with links to specific facilities.

I've been looking on forums as well as on goodle, I have also read the manuals inside NewGen pack, but the information is so spread on different guides that i can't get a clear view on all this. Thus I don't know if some features doesn't work because I did something wrong or if it is a technical issue. I don't know how to use some features...

I'm kind of sorry for this thread as I know the information I seek is somewhere, but as I said it's just too spread for me and I don't know actually what to look for.

Should I note that I'm already very familiar with standard WE as well as with standard JASS.

I will really very gratefull if someone at least gives some links with descriptions or maybay some hints how to learn using this cool WE mod and what to start with.

At last sorry for my English as it's not my native language.
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