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Some spell ideas...

By the way I could do some spell coding for you.

-Earthquake: Slams the ground with a mighty hammer, knocking nearby units back a few feet, then a 2nd wave hurls them into the air, sending them back even further and damaging them when they hit the ground.

-Sword/axe/hammer of the Inferno: Causes the weapon to be heated and turn aflame, and on the next attack unleashes flames in 5 "veins" that spur out and burn the ground.

-Hammer/axe/sword of the Heavans: Causes a lightning bolt to come down and strike the hero's weapon, enchanting it. He then does the blademaster's "slam" animation, shooting lightning at 3 enemies in front of him, which then branches off to hit 3-5 more each (like 3 chain lightnings).

-Lightning Feet: The hero's feet are enchanted with lightning balls which allow them to leap over a great distance (about 1000-1500 range), shocking enemies under him, then causing a thunder clap when he lands, knocking back enemies.

-Path of Destruction: Emblazens the hero's hands and feet and sending them shooting in a straight line, cutting through enemies and slamming them aside. They have 10 bonus fire damage for 5 seconds after the spell is cast.

-Thunder Fist: Punches/strikes an enemy with a thundering fist of might, hurling them back 800 range and knocking enemies they hit aside.

-Horrifying Gale: Calls an incredible wind to push a huge section of enemies and allies back 800 range and knock them down (death animation), stunning them for 3 seconds.

-Avatar: Unleashes the hero's inner potential, connecting their spirit to the real world. They turn black and their eyes glow white and gain incredible abilities.
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