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Approved Map: Uther Party 2


Thanks guys.

- The game starts fast, there is no watching that stupid cinematic over and over.

I'm actually planning to have cinematics in much the same vein as the original. Despite their extreme brevity though, I'll probably make them "majority-rules" skippable.

- I miss so many of the old games from the original, what happened to them all?
- I'm guessing this is only the starting version, I hope there will be more unique games to come, All v One needs more of course.
- The game with the beats seemed hard to understand at first, and really doesn't seem to be that fun. I'm not sure if I did it right, but all you do is press z every second? Maybe you should change up the beat a bit.
- The exploding mysterious box seemed like a dumb thing to use, why not a bomb?
- The A.I always picks the beat game when it wins... Maybe make it randomize?
- I don't think I saw random option when you select games.

- I decided early on to focus on differentiating Uther Party 2, instead of making a "just plain better" game. As such, most of the old mini-games are staying in their rightful place (although I'm certainly not against reevaluating old concepts if I feel they can be significantly improved).
- Starting version, yes...
- You press Z about twice a second, to the beat. Each player is measured on their ability to maintain a consistent interval between beats. Under a typical connection where command delay is fairly consistent, the game works despite standard lag. Changing the beat mid-game would compromise this.
- The idea with The Mystery Box is that dwarven excavators have unearthed some strange object of unknown origin, and argue over who has to open it.
- In Free Play, the AI's picks are 100% random. I may have him refrain from picking doubles in the future. Also, I may make a random button for players.

As for TW, yes, I may change Hammerball and the archer game in some way.

In the dimension game, the act of picking up a key produces a new one.

EDIT: A Hammerball crash? Oi... From what you're saying it probably conflicted with a previous mini-game, especially since I've never encountered a crash in that game, ever. Double oi...

Toggleable explanations is an interesting idea.
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