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Well I tried it single player and I have to say it is very well done.

- Incredible A.I, it out did me at nearly every game.
- Very unique and interesting and sometimes challenging games
- I like the lack of games that require little to no skill but only the luck of that game. The original had too many of these kinds, but from what I've seen all of these very well thought out.
- I like how you can customize games and pick games from the all v one category (even though there is only one)
- The games flow and work very well.
- The game starts fast, there is no watching that stupid cinematic over and over.


- I miss so many of the old games from the original, what happened to them all?
- I'm guessing this is only the starting version, I hope there will be more unique games to come, All v One needs more of course.
- The game with the beats seemed hard to understand at first, and really doesn't seem to be that fun. I'm not sure if I did it right, but all you do is press z every second? Maybe you should change up the beat a bit.
- The exploding mysterious box seemed like a dumb thing to use, why not a bomb?
- The A.I always picks the beat game when it wins... Maybe make it randomize?
- I don't think I saw random option when you select games.

Incredible game, can't wait to see more of this!

Is your clan the same that made Hungry Felhounds? Just wondering about the mini-game and why it's there...
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