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Default Inner Power

Inner Power
The hero, concentrate and composing it's inner strength then unleash a powerfull power that damage EVERYTHING (includes doodaads, make land cracking) - (the cracking is permanent) in front of the hero in huge range, with explosion at the end, when cast on water can make water surging. Channeling time five seconds.
Level 1 : range 700 damage 500, one wave
Level 2 : range 900 damage 800, two wave
Level 3 : range 1200 damage 1000, four wave
Level 4 : range 1500 damage 1200, five wave
Level 5 : range 2100 damage 1400, seven wave

nb : it damage multiple unit in front of the hero for that damage
prefered the art is like shockwave
it also destroy trees, wall, gates, stone etc.
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