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Exclamation Big spell/system

This one is more of a system, but her goes:

These two spells "split time" and "fuse time" will work in conjunction to allow your hero to move faster relative to time, or slow back down, to lessen risks associated. Every time "split time" is cast, your hero splits time even thinner, allowing him to move faster relativley, when "fuse time" is cast, he begins to move closer to normal speed.

Split Time
Hidden information:
Splits time, this spell increases in level each time it is cast, however if you upgrade it in your hero advancement thingy, like normal heros, your maximum tolerance is increased (the ammount at which it becomes dangerous to continue splitting)

Basicly the spell slows down all other units on the map by 10/20/30...80/90/100% (increased per cast) (at 100% units are basicly paused), also increasing with cast is mana drain -1/-1.5/-2...-4.5/-5% of total mana per second. Also with each level, starting from 2 below maximum tolerance chance to take damage on cast, chance to instantly drain all mana, and chance to health degen increase, chances below.

These chances will be taken on the cast, and at every 50/48/46/44/42/40/38/36/34/32/30/28 seconds compared, once again, to 2 below maximum tolerance. And additinoly every time one of these periodic tests are taken, the risk increases, so the equivilent level increases. For example a hero with level 8 maximum tolerance who has been at level 10 Split time (the maximum) will have taken 1 casting test, at 7% chance to get a minor effect, at 44 seconds will take one at 11%, at another 42 seconds will take one at 13%, etc, etc. (chances taken from the data below)

Hidden information:

These are compared to levels thare are unsafe, compared to 2 below maximum tolerance. For example a unit with tolerance 8 tryin to cast level 9 would hav a 5 percent chance to "health degen"
Minor: Health Degen - 1/3/5/7/11/13/15/17/21/23/25/27% chance for 2% degen per second until "fuse time" is cast
Moderate: Mana drain - .5/2/3.5/5/6.5/8/9.5/11/12.5/14/15.5/17% chance for 100% mana drain, 25% of mana is regenerated when "fuse time" is cast (the next time)
Major: Damage - .5/1/1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5/4/4.5/6/6.5/7% chance for 25-60% random damage, 10% health is regenerated the next time "fuse time" is cast.

After all of these effects "split time" will begin a cooldown of 5/8/10 seconds respectively.

NOTE: more then 1 effect can be applied (of different types)

Fuse Time
Hidden information:
The hero fuses time back together, allowing him to move closer to normal speed again. When fusing from higher levels, starting from 1 below maximum tolerance the hero has a chance to gain mana regen, gain mana, or gain a speed bonus, chances are below.
Hidden information:

Minor: mana regen - 1/3/5/7/11/13/15/17/21/23/25% chance for 2% per second regen of mana, lasts for 10 seconds, or until "split time" then it reduces to 1% per second, and continues for 5 more seconds, if "split time" is cast for a second time it is dispeled.
Moderate: speed bonus - .5/2/3.5/5/6.5/8/9.5/11/12.5/14/15.5% chance for an equivilent of +1 level of "split time", this bonus remains for 10 seconds, even if "fuse time" is cast, if "split time" is cast then it is dispeled.
Major: mana instant gain - 5/1/1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5/4/4.5/6/6.5% chance to instantly regain 20-50% mana, if "fuse time" is cast again within 10 seconds then the hero also gains the "Minor: mana regen" effect as per usual, the unit does not gain the benifit of a chance for a second abilty roll on this cast.

After all of these effects "split time" will begin a cooldown of 2.5/3/3.5 seconds respectivley.

NOTE: only the effects of 1 "minor: mana regen" and 1 "moderate: speed boost" are stackable with each other.

Extra info, as per standard setup
Hidden information:
* Spell, buffs and effect names are included
* 10 levels for the maximum tolerance dummy(ish) abilty
* included
* Tooltip as written, but do not include the chances, those will be in the quest menu, or if you feel like implementing it, through a "-Chances Split/Fuse" pop-up game menu system
* use Jass of Gui as u wish
* MUI is required, units on lower levels will be slowed down by the diffenrence, ie 3 heros are at levels 3,4 and 9, they will be at 69%, 59% and 100% of their speed.

please use effects as nessecary, but not too much, this system should seemlessly meld with gameplay
Also if the initiating cooldowns is immpossible, just make it a silence for half the ammount
1 more thing, your maximum tolerance is the actual abilty that you level =)

if you do attempt this spell, and subsequently complete it, THANKYOU!!!

btw good work with the spell thread, 31 pages, and many, many spells
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