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Mana Weave
  • 3 Levels
  • This spell is point-targeted. When you cast it, it creates a projectile which moves from your hero to a point 500 distance in the targeted direction, and a beam (lightning effect) is created behind the projectile (also from hero to point 500 dist in targeted direction). Units who are hit by the projectile will be manaburned for X mana.
    When a projectile crosses an already existing beam, new projectiles travel down all parts of that beam, which travel to beams connecting to that beam, etc. Obviously some sort of precaution should be put in place to keep a projectile from going in a circle forever.
    If this sounds familiar it's because it has been made before. I attempted to make it, and i submitted it to a contest on wc3c, but it was full of bugs and lag and crappy coding. I'm not advanced enough to be able to code something like this, but I know that you're at that level Pyrogasm.
    Here's the link to the spell as posted in the contest:
  • Tooltip is included in the map, or you can make one up
  • Jass, obviously
  • The spell should be MUI
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