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Originally Posted by Pyrogasm
Pokémanz r awesum!11!1eoneoene!!!one
if joo ned sum masta bals i haz tons!!!11

Blah, this spell isn't going to do any good sitting around and doing nothing in my head. Might as well request it before everyone gets their life back. (Which we don't want :P)
  • Headbutt
    • The hero charges to the target point. The first unit encountered gets knocked back (friend or foe), and the hero is stunned for a short duration. (Because whacking your head against someone hurts.) If a destructible is encountered, then it gets destroyed (actually can you make it deal like 5000 damage or something (instead of just killing it) as I have some destructibles I would not like to get destroyed, as they have 9999999 health) and the hero is stunned for a short duration.
    • 5 levels (level 1 = 100 damage, knocked back 100 (distance), 1 second caster stun. Level 2 = 200 damage, knocked back 200, 0.85 second caster stun. Level 5 = 500 damage, knocked back 500, 0.5 second caster stun.)
    • Targets point (no AoE circle thingy)
    • 75 mana
    • Does not have to be MUI, but if it's easier then go ahead.
  • Charge
    • Same as above, except the caster continues to charge, knocking back all encountered units (friend or foe) and destructibles until he reaches the target point. He also does not get stunned afterwards. When he is running he turns almost invisible (i.e. set transparency to like 20% or something). The spell cannot be cast if a building is in the way. (use that SimError thingy or whatever). Also, the hero runs so fast that a blazing trail is left behind him, damaging all nearby units for 3 damage/sec, for a duration of 10 secs.
    • One level
    • Again, does not have to be MUI but if it's easier then go ahead.
    • 150 mana
    • Targets point (no AoE circle thingy)


Keep in mind these spells are for a hosted project on the hive so they aren't for some lameass map that won't get finished.
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