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A name for your spell - Multi-Shot

The number of levels you spell should have - 3

What the spell should do:
Multi-Shot "Fires multiple arrows". Multi-Shot splits one arrow into many, each arrow doing 75% of your normal full damage.The spread of the arrows is controllable, but you can never hit any individual monster with more than one arrow per Multi-shot. Even if you fire 10 arrows right into a monster, it will only take damage from one of them, with the other nine continuing on (possibly hitting other targets). This makes this skill great for doing minor damage to every monster in a large group at once, but useless for doing big damage to any individual monster; you'd do bigger damage to a single target with your basic Attack skill.

Level 1 - 3 arrows
Level 2 - 6 arrows
Level 3 - 10 arrows

The tooltip of the spell (else I will just make one up)

If you would like the spell in GUI or JASS - I dont care dont know if its possible in gui but make in way wich is better for you.

If the spell needs to be MUI or not - I dont care make in way wich is better for you.

Good Luck.
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