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Why the hell do you even think I would still need this? Gosh this is ancient.

Name: Cat's Cradle (If you can think of a better name go for it heh)
Levels: 5
What it should do:
Fire(or throw in the direction forward the unit is facing) a string like effect that hits the first unit or destructible it comes into contact with attaching to it and wraps around it ( or in other words goes around in circle around the unit or destructble (wraps turning the string of effects to the left of the target), losing length of how much the line of effects had in the beginning for each rotation.)

The string of effects pushes all units against it, and deals damage. The string should wrap around itself as well if long enough. Does not require channeling. The effect should dissappear or dissipitate after a few seconds.

Any Icon you want.
Tooltip: Throws a magic constricting rope that pulls units inwardly wrapping them together upon hitting the first target and damaging them the more they fight back.
JASS plz
MUI plz

Things i want to be changeable if possible:

The type of model effect making up the line.
The starting length of the string(number of effects)
The length of the string reduced each time it circles the unit.
The damage each time an effect hits the units.
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