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Originally Posted by Pyrogasm
Sure, Malf, I'll add you to the list.

And no, I'm not insane; there really is a guy named Malf who just posted but can't be seen because he's on the coventry due to his being a new user.
Actually, I see him too.

Here's a spell I would like to be made, following your thread guidelines:

Name: Flames of Hell (or whatever)
Levels: 4
Action: Targets a point in which flame strikes surround the point (like in a circle) and slowly move (or like create other ones) toward the center / target point. While that happens, if able, rain of fires drop too.
Tooltip: Make one up :D
Type: JASS so I can try to learn off it pelase
MUI: If possible, yes please
Icon: A flame circle or anything that you can get
Additional: Channeling, levels should increase damage / AOE etc.

Thanks for all the help :)
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