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Spike Trap

Set an invisible Spike Trap at the target location. Once activated, it becomes visible for 0.5 seconds before viciously impaling the victim over 3 seconds. Only 3 traps may be out at once, and each trap needs to be 200 units away from each other and enemy units at placing. Spike traps cover an area of 150 units. This ability has a cooldown of 45 seconds.

Level 1: Spikes deal 60 damage per second.
Level 2: Spikes deal 90 damage per second.
Level 3: Spikes deal 120 damage per second.

Since you haven't done the merging yet, I'll just post this to save you the trouble.

Can be activated two ways: From Spike Trap itself for individual activation, or from the hero, activating all current Spike Traps.
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