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Before I get down to the spell, I would just like to thank you for doing this for everyone. If you where able to create the following spell, it will make my map all the better, thank you.

* Clairvoyance
* 5
* The spell should be an aura that can be activated and deactivated at will. Whilst activated, it saps mana like mana shield. The effect of the aura should slow enemies attack speed on a scale I will tell you after and speed allies attack speed by the same scale.
lvl 1 - 10%
lvl 2 - 20%
lvl 3 - 30%
lvl 4 - 40%
lvl 5 - 50%
All creatures immune to magic should be exempt from this ability, even allies. Just use the AOE of the Brilliance aura.
* You can just make one that fits well with the spell if you like.
* Which even lets you make it better/easier, I don't mind.
* Again, I don't mind.

Also, I would like it if you were able to use Mc !'s time aura, although shrink it down a tad so it looks normal if possible. The Icon can be anything that you think fits with time.

PS: This is going to be used on a Psychic character whose model is the Emissary, if that helps with scaling.

PPS: I know you are busy and have a large waiting list so I am not to fussy about the time you will need to take... so in other words, take your time.

Thank you.
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