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Thank you for making this thread.

Grace of the gods
Ability Type: Buffs hero and heal
Area of Effect: 0
Mana Cost: 175
Cooldown: 3 minutes
Story: The paladin has always been a most of devout follower of (his gods name). He is a faithful servant of that god, and prays constantly to him. When his need is great, he is able to call upon his god to help him vanquish his enemies and prove that he is the one true champion.
Effects: The hero chanells for up to 15/20/35 seconds (configurabler). For every second he channels he gains (configurable # based on time channeled) attack damage/armor/fire effect on sword for (configurable # time based on time channeled). While he is channeling he recieves X bonus armor. If the spell is interrupted by a stun, he still gets bonuses based on how long he channeled. When the bonuses expire, he is healed for (amount based on how long he channelled).

GUI is preffered, but JASS is okay, if its in a format that i can understand & easily configure (like jesp, but MUI isn't required). In terms of effects, you can do whatever you want (custom effects/buffs are awesome), as long as it fits in with the holy/paladin/crusader thing. Feel free to change the story on the tooltip if you think of a cooler one
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