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Black Dragonspawn


While just an egg, Navraethon was stolen from his nest by a band of human rogues. The rascals sold the egg to a local apothecary soon after, and then, with their pockets full of gold, they set off to the sea. The owner of the apothecary put the enormous egg into a large stewpot, and hung it over a fire, foolishly thinking that it was from an extraordinarily large chicken's egg. To the man's astonishment, the egg started breaking apart within a few minutes, and a small, black, lizardlike creature emerged, and stared inquiringly at the surprised human. Mistaking the dragonspawn hatchling for an little salamader, he placed the little creature into the fire, which it seemed to enjoy thoroughly. The creature grew rapidly on a diet of rodents, fowl, and the occasional steak. The man, still unsure about the creature, often talked to it, telling it stories and sometimes scolding it. One evening, while the man was absent-mindedly grumbling about customers, the creature poked its head up from a pot of ash and squeaked, "the mice are getting bolder." Taken aback, the human realized that the small creature was actually a black dragonspawn, which would be a valuable assistant.

The man schooled the dragonspawn, which he had named "Nevraethon" after an ancient dragon from legend. Nevraethon discovered books about sorcery and fighting methods in the man's personal library, and over the next several years, he secretly taught himself to become a powerful sorcerer and warrior. He soon set off from the small village that he lived in, and forged himself an enormous longsword, which he infused with fiery energies.

Over the next several decades, he wandered around Azeroth, learning new skills and magical powers. Although reclusive, and his true persona unknown, he often meanders through Duskwood, appearing as a shadowy wraith to those who dare approach. He developed a tie with the local undead monsters, and managed to control several of their minds. The creatures now follow him, hiding in the shade until summoned.

One day, Nevraethon noticed something odd about one of his rotting servants. The ghoul seemed to be croaking out small noises, which were nearly undecipherable to the dragonspawn. Bending his head towards the rambling creature, he managed to make out the strained words, "Plague...vale...fungal..." Nevraethon realized that the ghoul was relaying a telepathic message from someone residing in the Eastern Plaguelands, who must have been trying to negotiate with him. He set off northwards, travelling by night under his shadowy guise, until he reached the entrance to the Fungal Vale, the place which the ghoul had spoken of. As he trudged across the acrid landscape, he came upon a vile looking construct, decorated with skulls and massive spines. The ghoul that was mentioned earlier came forward and knocked upon the structure's grimy door, and it slowly slid open. The undead beast motioned towards the dragonspawn to follow, and they slowly walked into the grisly building. Suddenly, a man appeared directly in front of Nevraethon, and bade him to come into a small room. The man, who he recognized as a necromancer, explained to the dragonspawn that he had been summoned because the Scourge leaders wanted to offer him a deal. In return for his services, they would grant Nevraethon freedom throughout Scourge-controlled lands, and teach him how to wield necramatic powers. The dragonspawn eagerly accepted the offer, and now awaits further commands...

15 feet long from front to tail, and 9 feet tall at the shoulders; Black scales, ash-coloured underbody; glowing white eyes; muscular; wears black iron armour on back, shoulders, chest, limbs; carries an enormous, 6 foot long longsword, made of black iron, glowing red runes (non-demonic) running along the centre of the sword.

Warrior/Sorcerer. Uses Core fire/magma and shadowy magic.

Reclusive, mostly quiet, anti-sociable; gruff to strangers, warmer towards friends; even-tempered until severely annoyed. Merciless to those who provoke him.

Keeps several undead creatures, which follow him and do his bidding.

Wraith: Becomes featureless, appearing only as a faint shadow. Enables near invisibilty and causes dread and horror to those who are nearby (similar to an aura)
Core Magma: Summons a super-heated ball of magma from the core of Azeroth, which is blasted into an enemy
Chaotic Flame: Creates a towering pillar of twisting flames, which meanders across the land for a short duration of time
Crystalization: Turns targeted matter into a preferable igneous rock, such as basalt, obsidian, pumice, granite, etc.
Hellfire: Creates a thin, but deep fissure, which draws magma from the core. Magma and toxic gasses pour from the fissure mouth, causing everything in the surrounded area to catch flame, or become engulfed in gas and lava.
Immunity: Nevraethon is immune to the Undead Plague, and most other diseases.
Forgery: Uses magical abilities to smelt and form metals into weapons or other tools. Also can be used to weld.
Eviscerate: Uses firey magic to cut into a target and then disembowel the victim. Can be used on storage containers to break through and remove contents. Also can be used on doors to remove locks.
Madness: Renders a victim temporarily insane.
Control: Nevraethon controls several undead "pets" which he can summon from the shadows to do his bidding.

AFFILIATION: Allied with the Scourge, but not controlled by the Lich King, nor even undead.

Note: Unaware of how dragonspawn are born, so I assumed that they hatch from eggs, like true dragons.

Update: New abilities, addition to personality, bio, and misc.
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