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Cholik Darkstride
Cholik was born to a powerful noble in lordaeron and was sent to be educated by the high priests of the light. The priests sensed a powerful spark in him and requested that he stay on and become a fully-fledged priest. He resided in the folds of the alliance for over 50 years, healing, curing, inspiring, he yearned for no more. But by bitter irony, it was an act of the light that lead him astray. He was tending for a medum aged man, ravaged by war and all predicted that he would not live but Cholik laboured hard and long, and soon the man rose stronger than he had been before. Though this brought him some fame and respect, he saw something behind the miracle. He had the power to heal others, to give them back thier life and hope, but he could not do the same for himself. When he was on his deathbed, no one would do the same he had done for that man. The light granted the powers to heal others, but not yourself, only other -somewould say darker- magics provided that. To Cholik, this opened his eyes to his cruel fate and bitter fate. He left the light and walked along darker paths. What he did in this period is sketchy but it was here that he picked up his greatest skill, to seal away his emotions. Without emotions, he could not be hurt, he could not hesistate, he could not make mistakes and with this new found power he looked death in the eye and did not flinch, he observed unspeakable things and did not shake and he comitted unspeakable things and did not falter. It was this that would be his greatest strength but it did not grant immortality, death came to you if you had emotions or not. Finally after years of travelling the darkest of paths and associating with the most corrupted of beings, Cholik found a power that he thought would bring him what he most desired. It is this power he now serves.
Cholik is about 5 feet tall and his faced is creased with wrinkles. His clothes are similar to medhiv (no feathers) and he holds a staff in the shape of a serpent in his hand. The most striking features about him is his eyes, it is said that the eyes are the houses of the soul and that you can see into a person through his eyes but when you look into Choliks eyes, some wonder if he even has a soul. So empty are his eyes.
Dark Priest
Non existent, he has no need for feelings. He will do what he needs to do to reach his goals. Allies are but a means to an end.
Emotionless - No emotions, allows him to battle without faltering.
Dark Pact - His second strength, with this he can relieve his old age by absorbing the life force of another, reducing them to ashes.
Dark Spirits - Summons spirits of darkness to haunt his enemies. While they don't actually damage the enemy, the unseen spirits circle around draining happiness and courage from the opponents.
Serpent Strength - Cholik tosses his staff to the ground and it becomes a large serpent that hisses and spits poison at his enemies.
Unholy Avatar - Summons the strengths of his masters to aid him, filling Cholik with new powers and making him brim with energy. After the casting and the wearing off of the spell, Cholik feels completely exhausted and older than ever, he must use Death Pact almost immediately.
Hear no evil, see no evil, do no evil - Renders an enemy blind, deaf and dumb for a period of time. During this time he relives his worst nightmares. If he is to survive this trial then he becomes stronger of it (and may join Cholik or just beat him up), if not then the darkeness consumes and kills him. This is often used as an intiation to Cholik's Cult.
Finger of Death


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