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Power of Corruption Version 2.2e is now live


Well, this has been a long journey with this new version and I can say I'm really proud of it. It offers new features and improved models to satisfy the eyelooking :D

General Improvements:
  • Simplified multiboard: now it only shows your data, not the ones from others
  • Improved code: simplified stuff so the game runs faster and smoother
  • Added a new ability: jump. Now the demon units like succubus and Brutal Lord have the jump ability, which allow them avoid obstacles. The purposes of this ability is to complement it with their other jumping abilities so they can't get stuck.
  • New Models: Now the demon race has its own custom models, looking greater than ever. Additionally there's a new Naga Imperial Warrior made by Tarrasque (AKA jigrael) which is now perfect to the hero style and looks incredibly great.

Please enjoy this new release and any comment and suggestion are totally welcome.
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